Thursday, November 18, 2010

pashminas at your winter wedding???

So I just got a call from a very distraught mother of a bride. Turns out her church is now requiring that all brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the brides, etc. be dressed "appropriately" for weddings at the church. This apparently means no strapless dresses. Really? Are they serious? Because who doesn't have strapless dresses for their gowns whether it's the bride or bridesmaids? I am sorry that one barely dressed group of ladies messed it up for the rest. Anyway, got me thinking about pashminas as a solution for them even though their event is in JUNE! I do love pashminas and I personally own about one in every color. I love fall/winter weddings where we lay out baskets of pashminas for the ladies to wrap up in. Now, it's very rare that we get fall/winter weddings down here on the coast, but I do love this idea and while it's not a new trend, it's really always a cute little something extra for you to offer your guests and especially your bridesmaids.
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