Thursday, February 10, 2011

Former Bride turned Wedding Artist Extraordinaire!

Custom Gown Sketch
Pictures are great to remember your wedding day, but why not a sketch of the gown you’ve dream of since you were a little girl.

As a graduate of the Lamar Dodd School of Art of UGA in Athens, GA, I earned my BFA in drawing. I’ve spent years developing my drawing techniques and mark making skills. Now, I use my talents to create lovely custom gown sketches for the most unique brides.

Great designers like Vera Wang, Melissa Sweet and Monique Lhuillier have been giving sketches to their celebrity brides for years. Why not feel like a celebrity too!
Custom Gown Sketch Price List
5x7            $60 
8x10           $75         
9x12           $90
11x14          $100
12x16          $115
16x20          $130

The Process
What I need from you:
Detail pictures of your dress. E-mail me ( a picture of you in it, magazine clippings, designer website or even your wedding website address if you have one.)
-Tell me what to focus on. If the back of the dress is the detail you fell in love with I can highlight that feature instead of the front view.

What you will receive from me:
- A stylized sketch of your gown on acid free heavy weight Bristol paper. I interpret it as my eyes see it. *It will not be an exact replica.
- It will be sketched in black pen, with a hint of grey for shadowing. I can add a certain color if your dress design includes such an element or by request.
- When requested, I can add names or wedding date. Please make sure your spelling is correct, I am not responsible for incorrect spelling. Shoes and bouquet can also be included (No extra charge).

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