Monday, July 11, 2011

Cocktails and Flowers!

We have all seen the mason jars, but they have not gotten old just yet. There is definitely a southern and casual vibe about them and they are easy to purchase and re-use if you want. I also am a big fan of mint julep cups. In fact, I began receiving them as a gift from my god-mother when I turned 18 or so and my mother always has them monogrammed, of course! I love seeing julep cups at cocktail hour for the drinks, whatever they may be. You definitely don't have to serve mint juleps in them! I also enjoy using the julep cups for cocktail table centerpieces or in big groupings. Stemless wine and martini glasses are easy to hold with an appetizer in your hand and they are also nice to display. I especially love having them monogrammed (go figure!) and giving them as wedding gifts or perhaps hospitality gifts. For the outdoor events or for trolley rides, how about the plastic tumblers that can be personalized for your event?! They are cute and inexpensive. I adore little touches of old classics mixed with a casual look such as gold rimmed stemware. And I am always a favorite of the squared champagne flutes, called the "Calvin Stemware" from Classic Party Rentals, out of NY. They are sleek and modern but not hard looking so they mix well with other decor. Take a look and enjoy!

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