Tuesday, September 6, 2011

VIK: Very Important Kid

My precious little baby, Georgia, who started a mother's morning out last month is the "VIK" which is the "very important kid" in her class this week. Each day she is to bring in something special and unique that represents her and lets the other children get to know her better. Tuesday she brings in a poster with pictures all about her and her family that she helps decorate. Wednesdays she brings in a favorite book to read to the class and Thursday's she shares her favorite snack. I got so excited getting this all together for her and I had to restrain myself from wanting to do the poster all by myself. I did let her place her "cupcake" stickers on the poster! Anyway, I thought I would share these pics of her little project and also to show off how precious and wonderful I think she is! I will upload the ones I took of her in action and of our finished masterpiece of her poster later tonight!
 This is the book she chose to bring in and share with her class. Too bad I just received an email stating the book is now overdue from the library! Oh well, one more late fee won't kill me! :)
 Blueberry muffins were her choice of snack to share! And no, this is not my picture and no, I did not make them from scratch. I do not claim to be a Martha Stewart and cook! I leave that to my sweet husband!
 Here is my sweet, Georgia Page. She is so full of personality and spunk and I think she is the most beautiful little girl ever. I love watching her personality change and just spending time with her.
 Can. Not. Get. Rid. Of. Paci....
 Here she was @ about 8 months. Thanks to www.dvbphoto.com for this cute pic! And then below at around 4 months...time goes by too fast!
 She and her brother helped line the muffin trays with these cute Cath Kidston cupcake liners! She made sure she got to do the pink ones, of course! And look at how cute these Lily Pulitzer plates are below that I found at our local TJMaxx. And yes, I pretty much bought everyone of them in the store to save for future parties!

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