Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bars and After Party Set Ups for Inspiration!

So I love a good lounge bar and after party set up. I need it to be cozy, soft, and inviting, yet I tend to like it to be modern and clean. I love tented receptions as you all know. It allows me to create my own space so that it is reflective of my clients and their style. I am not working against a current decor or look and it's very freeing! I like the space to feel as though it's always been there and I think having cozy and relaxing spots are important! Especially when we are talking about the bar and dance floor! I mean I want to see guests plopped down on big cushions, having a drink and chatting while their significant others are on the dance floor. I also love a good "after party" set up! I often have to work with early ending time restrictions when dealing with private venues, downtown historic districts, etc. so it's nice to allow guests to move on to the next spot and continue their partying while listening to an IPOD and being served late night snacks and drinks. I hope these pics below are inspiring and let me know which is your favorite! 

Engage 2010 The Breakers

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