Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Southern and Prep for the Boys!

Just one of many cotton designed bow ties thanks to Southern Proper!

Love how they included those cute cards on how to tie a bow tie! I want to copy that!

For the polka dot lover!

This is great for a tan suit or navy blazer. Works well with the coral/navy colored weddings in spring & summer.

How appropriate?! A magnolia themed bowtie!

Mint juleps, anyone?!

Red colored seersucker! Too cute!

Grey suit with navy ties-very in right now as an alternative to black tuxes and such!

A linen suit, cotton bout., a navy polka dotted bow tie. I mean, really? Can you get anymore southern?!

2 things here: LOVE her dress. Love his English inspired look with the navy blazer and baby blue slacks!

Very organic and a little retro! I kinda dig this!

And another cotton bout. LOVE the shade of blue here.

A little gingham?! Must be confident strutting this tie.

And another....still loving it!

Very vintage. I could see these with brown or grey suits. More of a modern cut style too.

LOVE the sherbert!  

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