Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A La Rouge?!

Stunning. No other words. She is gorgeous!

Her lips are amazing. People pay for those.

She's always got that red lip, retro curl do going! And it works!

This might be my favorite Drew Barrymore look. Love the bare face and bold lip. LOVE!

So old school glam! Love the yellow with that lip!

What look has she not rocked and done well?

I have yet to see an ugly Thandie pic.

I need her hair color. Now.

Can I have her eyes? What are those lashes? Gimme!

Love her red hair, pale skin, green earrings and that red lip!
When selecting your wedding day makeup, we think it's so important you stick to what's going to look like you but the very best version of you! I mean it is your wedding day and you want to feel the most beautiful you have ever felt. If you are feeling a little saucy and perhaps retro, old school glam, a bold red lip is so fabulous! How many of you want to do the glam red lip? I am always searching for a bold lip color but always go back to the ole' faithful "champagne on ice" from Revlon. I love a sexy red lip and below are some for all shades of hair and skin. What do you think? What's your favorite shade of red?! Do tell so we can try it out!

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