Friday, February 10, 2012

Need a groomsmen gift???....

Over Under is a brand new company dedicated to bringing consumers fine, traditional apparel and accessories with only American grown and manufactured products. From these goods, it is our hope to make a lasting impression on wetlands and at risk dogs through financial donations to impactfull nonprofit organizations such as Ducks Unlimited North America and Lab Rescue shelters across the nation. Over Under is a brand that is not only rooted deep in American tradition, but that prides itself upon the fact. We took our appreciation for high quality, traditional clothing, our genuine love for man's best friend and our desire to help "Preserve the Sporting Lifestyle," mixed the three ingredients together and the outcome was just too good to keep all to ourselves. 

With materials like our ultra soft American grown cotton to our authentic choice bridle leathers, we make all of our clothing and accessories from 100% USA grown and sewn products. Whether it's the choice cotton that comes from the Georgia and Mississippi farmers for our Sporting Polo's (coming soon) and our custom designed Tee's, or the rich supple leather that comes from the Texas steers for our shotgun shell belts,wallets, and custom dog collars or even right down to our custom laser engraved buttons that are made in the beautiful state of Tennessee, we believe that our great country is the perfect place to make the best apparel and accessories money can buy, and after wearing or using some of our products, we think you'll agree! 

Last, but certainly not least, Over Under is committed to giving back. As a business we not only promise to provide you with superior quality products but another true desire of our heart is to help Man’s Best Friend. That is why a portion of every sale goes directly to at risk dogs in need. Not only that, but we will personalize each purchase by donating to at risk dogs in your specific area. With these measures in place, you can be sure your money is making an impact in the lives of Man’s Best Friend in your local area. 

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